The right preparation can help ensure that you and your birth partner are in the best place emotionally to make good decisions. It can also ensure that you have a structured way to obtain the relevant information that you need in order to make thoses decisions. Your baby's birth does not have to be something that is done to you.

Our Birth Preparation classes will help you with all of that and most importantly support you in having your wishes heard and respected, and making choices for you, your partner, & your baby - not what anyone else would do, but what YOU want to do.,    Marie Teale,    Northamptonshire,    07989174045.


​​​​​​The Right Birth On The Day
At The Wise Hippo we talk a lot about the right birth on the day. It means making sure you feel in control no matter what gets thrown at you. We teach you how to ensure that whatever unexpected circumstances arise, you are the one making the final decisions about what happens, and your baby's birth is not something that is done to you. 

Why is this so important? Because if you feel in control of your labour and birth, you are less likely to feel negative about or, worse, traumatised by your birth experience. This won’t take away the disappointment if you don't have the birth experience you want, but it does make sure that you don't feel like you have failed or should feel guilty in some way. If you have the right birth on the day you know that you did the best for yourself and your baby given the situation at the time. ​​

​​​TROTD is about giving you a huge toolkit to support your baby's birth including bespoke sessions covering:

​​​​✅  Breech Birth.

✅  Induction​

✅  Twins/Multiple Births.


✅  Lotus Birth.​​

​​​✅  Confident C-Section