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Prenatal Parenting Programme;

Emotional Wellbeing for mum & bonding with baby.  £87 

A unique 3 - 3.5 hour session that is ideally attended between 12 and 26 weeks, but is beneficial to parents and baby at any point in pregnancy. 

Whilst being pregnant for most is a time to celebrate and be joyful it can also bring with it many concerns and worries. The physiological and emotional changes that occur can offer their own challenges for women in our multi-tasking, time poor, busy culture too.

In just 3 short hours we can teach you how to deal with any situation that arises in a way that is right for you and for your baby. No more feeling guilty if something makes you feel ‘bad’. We can give you the tools to increase your energy levels whenever you need, let go of negativity and enhance your self-esteem. You will also learn some great ways to bond and interact with your baby which leads to the best bit about this session…Whilst you are learning some great stuff, dare we say life changing stuff, your baby will be benefiting too.

​Included in the cost are the following: 

- A breakdown of all the tools and techniques that you have learnt 
- A MP3 of The Wise Hippo instrumental music.
- The gorgeous ‘Quiet time with your baby’ mp3, which you can listen to regularly. 
- The ‘Blow away your worries’ mp3 to support you in letting go of any negativity.
- Snacks and drinks. 
- Ongoing support via nurturing emails to check how you are getting on with the prenatal bonding tools and techniques.,    Marie Teale,    Northamptonshire,    07989174045