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Morning sickness is rubbish and sometimes being pregnant can be overwhelming, so why not try these 2 free mp3s, which you can listen to any time you want to alleviate those yucky sick pangs, or just have a little rest and enjoy some time with your growing baby. 

AmazingBirth.co.uk,    Marie Teale,    Northamptonshire,    07989174045

* The Northamptonshire Birth Exchange is a brand new Facebook group to support women and exchange ideas & tips as we transition from being pregnant, through birthing our babies, & navigating the amazing highs and crazy lows of motherhood. A safe & non-judgemental space where all birth & parenting choices are respected as we nurture & show compassion to eachother & ourselves - a bit like a virtual chat over a cuppa! Open to all women who've attended classes with AmazingBirth.co.uk. 


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Or if you'd like me to give you a call so that I can tell you how easy it is to stop others' negativity from impacting you during your pregnancy, you can use this form too.

Marie xx